Brokerage FTL

Job Detail

I.    Qualities:    
Clear, strong leadership abilities with excellent monitoring, multi-tasking & think outside of the box skills are fundamental to this position.  Leadership must be by example, demonstrated by the ability to “roll up your sleeves” and find solutions to challenges.  Problem solving capabilities are of paramount importance to respond to customer inquires, and propose and implement customer centric solutions.  This position requires the person to be a decision-maker, within the established limits of authority, and enforce company policies and practices.  Responsible for all critical success factors under your care. 

II.    Skills/Functional Knowledge:         
This position requires all areas of functional knowledge in: 
a)    Modes of Transportation—must develop skills and knowledge to be recognized as a “domain expert” and posses functional depth of expertise in a number of industry related, and customer specific fields:
1.    Refrigeration (Protective, chilled and Frozen) 
2.    Partner Carrier Management
3.    Rail

b)    Pricing- Provide pricing that is consistent with margins outlined by management for spot or contract with existing or new customers  
c)    Communications—effectively communicate with both the customers and service providers, both internal and external, to resolve problems. Partner Carrier on boarding and development for support to DLS 

III.    Responsibilities:
a)    Support on weekend and evening schedules (on Call as needed)
b)    Working knowledge of each account to support other team members. Specific account “Cradle to Grave”  responsibility
c)    Insure quality control for commitments by customers to capacity on rate quotes
d)    Escalate exceptions or service issues , as deemed appropriate, to the Operational or Management Team 
e)    Understand the marketplace, be creative finding additional carriers to increase margins while finding solutions for our customers. 
f)    And/or as assigned.

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